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2004.09.27 - New server.

2004.05.05 - v0.1.1 released. changelog

About Tonneru

Tonneru is a Jabber HTTP Poll implementation written in C/C++ with minor use of STL. This is still under development but supports all the functionality to operate as a HTTP Poll server.

Note: If you are running a xmpp server, I suggest you use a server with httppolling support built into the system. My suggestion is ejabberd.

Note: Although I did not test this server under extreme load, I did not design this server to support millions of connections.

About HTTP Poll

Please visit for more information.


Tonneru was built with very little dependency to help prevent any unwanted problems. Tonneru depends on STL


Dev Status


I am ready to release the core library I will be using for the new version of tonneru. webpage

I am also planing to release a new version of tonneru by this month (march 2005).


Almost done with the rewrite of tonneru with thread support and better event handler.

This version should run much faster and support more users then the old version.

Also I have moved lot of my code to sub version so I'll have this information up (hopefully soon).

Future Plan


This is the initial release. This version is still under development. Comments and feature requests are welcome.

Installation procedure
1. tar xvjf tonneru-0.1.1.tar.bz2
2. cd tonneru-0.1/cgi/
3. make
4. mv httppoll.cgi /???/cgi-bin/
5. cd ../srv/
6. make
7. ./httppolld &

You must have httppolld running before the httppoll server starts working (step 7).


cvs login
cvs co httppoll
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Akito Nozaki